Proud To Be Me Rosalinda

Jesse Moreno

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    Rosalinda goes from being a waitress to a professional boxer with the help of Simon Foster, a former professional boxer. Rosalinda's retribution was against a world champion for causing her to get fired from her job. With her determination, she succeeds to the top to challenge, Echo, the champion.

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    Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

    Target Gender: Universal,Female Leaning,Male Leaning


    Los Angeles at a boxing gym, fights in Las Vegas and New York

    Based on a True Story


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    Status: Yes: with a Publisher

    Publisher: Stratton Press Publisher

    Year Published: 2019

    Starting Description

    Rosalinda is forced to defend herself against a boxing champion that she didn't know who she was at first. She gets fired and the manager tells her to talk to his friend, a former boxer and now a trainer, Simon. He teaches her how to become a professional boxer.

    Ending Description

    Echo loses her title to another top contender, the Vipress, who Rosalinda fights to gain the title away from her. Now, Echo watches Rosalinda beat the Vipress and wants a chance to fight Rosalinda for the title. Rosalinda excepts the match with Echo to settle her revenge.

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    fighting/ boxing sport fans

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    The author has not yet written this

    Main Character Details

    Name: Rosalinda "The Rose" Escobar

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Aspiring,Charming,Confident,Decisive,Gracious,Heroic,Educated,Modest,Skillful,Visionary,Romantic,Sophisticated,Strong Moral Code,Honorable,Empathetic,Faithful

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Simon Foster

    Age: 45

    Gender: Male

    Role: Mentor

    Key Traits: Aspiring,Badass,Charming,Confident,Decisive,Empathetic,Faithful,Gracious,Heroic,Visionary,Skillful,Outspoken,Blunt,Masculine,Educated,Romantic,Sophisticated,Strong Moral Code

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Rob Anderson

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Role: sidekick

    Key Traits: Adventurous,Aspiring,Badass,Charming,Confident,Criminal,Decisive,Masculine,Modest,Outspoken,Skillful,Visionary,Romantic,Heroic,Gracious,Empathetic,Educated,Strong Moral Code

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Echo

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Role: antagonist

    Key Traits: Badass,Aggressive,Greedy,Educated,Unapologetic,Strong Moral Code,Sarcastic,Visionary,Outspoken,Masculine,Villainous,Narcisstic,Blunt,Power Hungry,Skillful




    After being provoked into a fight by the female featherweight boxing champion, a young Mexican girl is inspired to become a professional boxer. She faces trials and tribulations on her way to the top. And after a hiccup gets her deported to her hometown in Mexico, the young boxer continues training and eventually takes the title.

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    Authors Writing Style: FAIR

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    Accuracy of Book Profile

    The Book Profile does a great job of reflecting the book. The descriptions are concise and flow naturally. If there is anything to note here, it's that the Development Pitch and About the Author sections should be rewritten in third person. Additionally, the Plot Premise section should be filled in.

    Draw of Story

    From the beginning, Rosalinda's tale is one of overcoming. In just the first few pages, she overcomes a rough start in Los Angeles, the loss of a dear friend and menial jobs that barely afford her the means to live. As the reader, we feel sorry for her, which makes her easy to root for. From there, she faces her first tangible obstacle which turns out to be her call to adventure. We meet our primary antagonist, Echo, who indirectly helps Rosalinda see her true potential. The two are pitted against each other from that point, and we stick around in hopes that Rosalinda will prevail.

    Possible Drawbacks

    Throughout, it feels like there are some redundancies in the writing, and some overextended phrases or sentences that bog down the story flow. It could be helpful to go back in and pare it down a bit. Once such example is the last paragraph on P. 26. "As soon as... to let Rob in" is redundant information that could probably be eliminated without issue. It's also possible that, generally, the dialogue doesn't feel as natural as it perhaps should. There appears to be an overuse of character name tags, as well some wooden sections. It might be beneficial to read each line of dialogue aloud, to ensure that it sounds succinct and authentic.

    Use of Special Effects


    Primary Hook of Story

    Rosalinda's journey to success, especially as a Mexican immigrant, is inspirational. The story is set up in such a way that we root for her almost immediately. Her plight is relatively easy to follow, but chock full of emotional hardships that keep us invested and engaged in her story. It is particularly interesting that her plight isn't confined to the boxing ring, either. She has to deal with physical injuries, loss, deportation and a host of other things that she must recover from in order to be successful both in the ring, and outside of it.

    Fanbase Potential

    A story like this would, of course, appeal to boxing fans and perhaps sports fans in general. But it's also likely to appeal to women. Many parts of Rosalinda's plight are relatable, and as a character, she is consistently approachable. There is also the possibility of international appeal here. The core of Rosalinda's story is the idea that she must overcome, and that transcends political beliefs, geographic differences and perhaps gender differences as well. There is potential for a large target audience here, with careful adaptation.

    Awards Potential

    It's possible that there is some above the line Awards potential here, particularly with Rosalinda. She deals with a host of complex emotions throughout the story, which could catch attention on screen. Simon, as her mentor and confidante, could garner some attention for his supporting role as well. But there is also below the line potential. An adaptation like this would require careful choreography and blocking, a curated soundtrack and perhaps expert cinematography as well.

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    What’s New About the Story

    Perhaps the facet that most sets Rosalinda's story apart from others of its kind is her status as an immigrant. Not only is she a naturally gifted boxer who must deal with a host of disappointments, she also must deal with the fear of deportation. It'd be interesting if this was brought forward more throughout the story. Rosalinda struggles to be proud of her heritage and her Mexican ancestry, and it'd be great to have additional evidence of how her success inspires others like her. We get a little bit of this from her seeing her fans flock to her, but it might be helpful to personalize it a bit more. Maybe she has a conversation with a young Mexican girl, with aspirations close to her own. Or maybe a conversation with her mother illuminates it a bit. Finding clever ways to put more weight on Rosalinda as an immigrant could help elevate the story, and make it stand out among similar ones.

    Lead Characters

    Aside from Echo, it's refreshing to see that the characters are all relatively pure. There are no ulterior motives or ill-intentions on behalf of anyone in Rosalinda's circle, which allows the reader to focus much more on the plot points. Even Salazar has a heart, which makes the story feel slightly more endearing than it might otherwise. Seeing the supporting cast root for Rosalinda so consistently makes us root for her that much more, and seems to elevate the character development overall.

    Uniqueness of Story

    Although the story has potential, it doesn't feel like a rare gem quite yet. Generally, it feels like the story remains relatively surface-level throughout, and it might benefit from a deep dive into things like motivations and emotional complexity. In terms of the supporting cast particularly, it's wonderful that they're all so supportive of Rose, but it'd be great to have a better idea of what drives them. In Simon's case, why is so desperate to train a champion? What does he have to prove, and to whom must be prove it? In Rick's case, what attracts him to Rose and why will he go to the ends of the earth to see her succeed? In Echo's case, what drives her to be so mean? How did she get this way and what are her emotional weaknesses? In terms of plot, it feels like there are several things that remain unfinished. For instance, it doesn't feel like Rosalinda ever processes the shooting. We never find out who attacked her, or why. There wasn't an investigation and the matter was largely dropped after the incident. Additionally, it doesn't feel like she grieves Rob as much as she perhaps should. It feels like the weight of competing again overshadows her emotions a bit, which doesn't feel quite as authentic as it needs to. Finally, it'd be interesting to see Rose struggle a bit more with her deportation. An adjustment period, a look into her family dynamic or even a bout of depression might make her feel more well-rounded overall.

    Possible Formats

    Film: Studio, Indie, Streaming TV Series: Limited Run / Mini-Series

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    It feels like the skeleton of the story is in place, but overall things need to be fleshed out a bit more. A deep dive into emotion and motivation, for example, could help the characters feel more well-rounded and three dimensional, thus justifying some of their actions and decisions throughout the story. Additionally, it feels like the dialogue needs another look. It isn't quite as natural as it should be, which bogs down the storyline a bit.

    Tips for Improvement

    A deep dive into character development is perhaps the primary change that could take this to the next level. Studying each of the characters' motivations, goals, and behaviors could help them feel more three dimensional, and allow the reader to better understand their actions and decisions. Taking care to make sure that each set up is properly paid off could also help round out the story and make it feel more complete overall. For instance, allowing Rosalinda time to process the shooting and giving the reader some sort of resolution by the end could be helpful. Similarly, allowing her adequate time to process the loss of Rob, and seeing her struggle more with it, could make that plot point feel more authentic. Finally, putting more weight on Rosalinda as an immigrant could help elevate the story, and better deliver on its theme. Keep at it, and best of luck!


    After being provoked into a fight by the female featherweight boxing champion, a young Mexican girl is inspired to become a professional boxer. She faces trials and tribulations on her way to the top. And after a hiccup gets her deported to her hometown in Mexico, the young boxer continues training and eventually takes the title.

    What We Liked

    The story hinges on the protagonist overcoming a series of issues: poverty, loss, physical injuries, and eventually, deportation. But all along, she remains hopeful and inspirational, which makes her easy to root for and emotionally complex. She surrounds herself with a positive inner circle, all of which assist her in some way on her journey. Their belief in the main character reconfirms the reader's belief in her, and creates a well-rounded story of determination and perseverance.

    Film: Although this is meant to be the first book in a series, the story does work a stand alone piece. All of the major plot points are overcome in some way, even if there is room for continuity, and we leave each of the characters in better positions than we found them. The themes of determination, perseverance, and female empowerment are all seen through and we are left feeling inspired, and energized.

    TV: As the first in what is meant to be a five-book series, the installment does a great job of introducing us to the key players, their plights, and their goals. In the TV format, it might make for a great first season. There are a few major problems to overcome and the story hinges on a title-winning boxing match, from which the protagonist emerges victorious. That said, it feels like there's more to come from this cast of characters. The antagonist isn't fully defeated, and the protagonist hasn't dealt with any sort of blow in the boxing ring. Although the story has a distinct beginning and end point, there is certainly room for expansion and a level of continuity that might work well for television.

    Key points:
    Diverse cast.
    Female-driven narrative.
    Tackles tough subject matter, like immigration.
    Happy ending.


    ROSALINDA ESCOBAR (25) travels to Los Angeles with her friend, AMBER (20s). They work at a carwash, where Amber meets DANNY (20s). Soon enough, Danny invites Amber on a cross-country adventure and Rosalinda never hears from her again. After a day at her new job at a dry cleaner, she wanders into Maria’s Café to ask for a job and is hired.

    After establishing herself at the restaurant, ECHO (20s) trips Rosalinda and causes her to drop a serving tray. They get into a physical fight, that Rosalinda wins. The RESTAURANT MANAGER escorts Echo from the restaurant, but quickly terminates Rosalinda. Before she leaves, her manager tells her that Echo is the female featherweight boxing champion. He gives Rosalinda the number to a professional trainer. Rosalinda consults her boyfriend, ROB, and then calls the trainer. The trainer, SIMON, is impressed with Rosalinda’s skills. He drafts up a weeklong training schedule to determine whether Rosalinda has what it takes. When he asks her why she wants to box, she tells him that she wants to take Echo’s title.

    Rosalinda is continuously inspired by Rob. A Las Vegas native, who did a two-year prison stint for drugs, Rob meets Rosalinda at the gym and asks to take her out to dinner. Simon allows Rosalinda to leave early, and Rob takes her to Maria’s. Rosalinda enjoys being a customer at her former place of employment.

    Simon tells Rosalinda that he has scheduled her first exhibition fight, to take place in a month’s time. Rosalinda begins training even harder, while working part-time at a market to help make ends meet. Simon asks Rob to get into the ring with Rosalinda to show her the difference between sparring with a male and a female.

    Rosalinda, Rob, and Simon travel to the fight in Las Vegas. After a good night’s sleep, Rosalinda faces her opponent. She beats her within two rounds and is declared the winner. Simon schedules a new fight for Rosalinda in Texas, where she’s meant to face LIZ PALMER, aka THE ROCK. Rob presents Rosalinda with a pink robe, embossed with ‘The Rose’ on the back. He tells her to get used to the new name, because that is what the crowds will chant when she becomes a champion.

    In Texas, Liz tries to illegally shove Rose, but Rose emerges victorious. She returns home for another six weeks, to prepare for her third fight as a professional. Rose and Rob take a walk around their neighborhood, and Rose hears mariachi music. They follow the music and watch the mariachi band for over an hour. Rob suggests hiring them to play music while Rose walks to the ring. He also suggests that, before each match, Rose toss a flower into the crowd. At the fight, Rose faces her toughest competitor yet. It’s a struggle, but she prevails. One step closer to a title, Rose stays to watch the main event. ECHO demolishes her opponent. She recognizes Rose and promises to demolish her, too.

    Rose faces THE COBRA. The crowd goes wild as the fighters enter the ring. The Cobra puts up a fight, but Rose emerges from the first round victorious. The second round is tougher, but Rose still wins. Simon begins to get frustrated because Rose isn’t listening to his instructions. He urges her to focus on The Cobra’s style to beat her. Rose does as she’s told and emerges a winner.

    Rose’s celebrity rises in the US, and rumors begin to swirl about her citizenship status. When Rob gets wind of it, he consults Simon and together they approach Rose. Rose begins crying when she tells them that she’s been using a social security number she found on the streets. An IMMIGRATION OFFICER is assigned to Rose’s case and shows up at her gym. Simon’s other fighters don’t give him any information as Rose arrives at the arena for her next fight. At the arena, the immigration officer settles into an empty seat to watch.

    Rose fights THE VIPRESS, and nearly loses. But in the third round, she remembers her reason for fighting in the first place and the fight is a knockout. The immigration officer introduces himself as JOE SALAZAR and reveals that Rose will be deported back to Mexico soon. Simon promises to handle the situation before it gets to that point, and Joe begins to feel guilty for playing a part in Rose’s plight. He tells Rose that she is the best female boxer he’s ever seen.

    Rob invites Rose on a casual walk, and a car slows behind them. An assailant rolls down the window and shoots Rose twice. Rob throws himself over her, and another shot misses him. On his way to the hospital, he accidentally blows a red light and gets into a car accident. Rob is taken to the same hospital as Rose, unconscious. Simon gets wind of Rose’s condition on the news and hurries to the hospital, where reporters are waiting. There, he learns of Rob’s accident. He waits in the waiting room for news and is approached by a nurse, AMY. Simon is innately attracted to Amy.

    Simon waits a little longer and a DOCTOR appears. Although she has lost a lot of blood, Rose’s surgery was successful. But she will be unable to use the full strength of her arm for six months. Of Rob, the doctor says that he has suffered a severe head injury and his condition is still unknown.

    Simon arrives at the hospital and encounters Amy in the lobby. He worries about breaking the news of Rob’s accident to Rose. Amy offers to be in the room with him. Together, they visit Rose and Simon introduces Amy. She asks about Rob and Simon tells her the truth. Rose begins to sob, and Amy and Simon console her until she falls asleep.

    Simon visits Rose the following day, and she tells him that she is determined to get better, to see her dream of defeating Echo come to fruition. Joe Salazar calls Simon to let him know that he delayed making his report for as long as possible, but the time has come to deport Rose back to Mexico. Simon delivers the news to Rose, and vows to travel back and forth to Mexico to supervise her recovery, as she waits for her new visa approval.

    Rose is released from the hospital, and the doctors inform the Department of Immigration. Her transport is scheduled in four days’ time, and she informs her mother and brother of her travel. Simon tells Rose that Rob has gotten worse.

    The Department of Immigration arrives to deport Rose. Simon and Amy help her into the car, and hug each other, both sad to see her go. Rob takes a turn for the worse and the hospital informs Simon that he isn’t likely to live to the end of the week. After talking with Amy, Simon decides to delay telling Rose until she has a chance to settle into her life in Mexico. But several days later, Rob dies, and Simon knows that he must break the news to her.

    Rose accompanies her brother, RUDY, to the local boxing gym. Anxious to get back to a routine, Rose takes stock of the antiquated exercise equipment. Simon finally calls her with the news of Rob’s death, and Rose is devastated. He informs her that he is coming to visit in a few weeks to decide how to best to proceed with Rose’s training.

    In Mexico, Simon is unimpressed by the antiquated equipment at Rudy’s gym. He and Rudy devise a plan for Simon to send Rose all the exercise equipment she’ll need to heal properly. After getting to know Rose’s family, Simon returns to the US. He calls Amy and they spend the evening together. Rudy’s gym, owned by JIMMY, receives a shipment of exercise equipment for Rose. Jimmy helps Rose ease back into conditioning.

    Amy returns to Mexico with Simon, and Rose is happy to see her. Simon asks Jimmy to keep him informed on Rose’s progress, and to let him know when she is ready to begin sparring again. Back in LA, Simon receives word that Rose’s visa has been approved. He rushes to tell her the good news. Rose continues training with Jimmy and progresses. She asks him if she can begin sparring soon, and although Jimmy thinks she’s ready, he insists that Simon have the final say. When Simon returns to Mexico, he too believes that Rose is ready.

    Jimmy arranges for Rose to spar with his best female boxer, SARA. Rose takes her easily, and he soon switches her out for a male. Rose delivers EDDIE a mean uppercut that sends him spiraling to the mat. He assigns NICK to spar with her next, and Rose repeats her uppercut. Jimmy runs into the ring and hugs Rose, certain that she’s well on her way to becoming a champion.

    Jimmy decides to have Rose spar with his best boxer, RICK. Rose begins to learn how to counteract Rick’s attacks, and Jimmy is delighted to tell Simon the news. Word gets out to the press and Rose’s fans, and they begin showing up at the gym to get a glimpse of her. An attraction blooms between Rose and Rick, and they make plans to have dinner together. They go to a Mexican restaurant with a mariachi band, and Rose remembers one of her first dates with Rob. She begins to cry and must explain to Rick the reason for her sadness. Rick walks Rose to her door, and Rose kisses him goodnight.

    Jimmy asks Simon to talk privately. He believes that Rose is ready to fight again, and Simon agrees. They decide not to tell Rose until the fights are officially scheduled. Simon goes through his contacts and sets up three exhibition fights for Rose. Rose returns to the US and settles into an apartment that Simon rented for her. Her first two exhibition fights are victorious, and Simon, the media and Rose’s fans are all happy to have her back.

    Simon begins trying to arrange for Jimmy and Rick’s visas, so they can travel to the US to help Rose on her journey. Meanwhile, Rose participates in her third exhibition fight and emerges victorious. Simon schedules an additional two, and Rose knocks out her opponents with ease. Simon schedules Rose’s first professional event, where she faces THE RED SLAYER. It is a tough battle, but in the last round, Rose knocks out her opponent, to the cheers of her fans.

    Rose wins her next fight by knockout as well and continues her path of becoming the next world champion. She fights one last fight; against a boxer whose only loss was to Echo. Back in LA, Jimmy and Rick arrive. Simon arranges for them to surprise Rose at a restaurant. Rose is thrilled to see them again, and kisses Rick.

    Simon, Jimmy, and Rick work overtime to make sure Rose is prepared for her fight. The media hypes up the event, and Rose’s fans crowd the gym to get a glimpse of her preparations. On the day of the fight, Rose and Rick say ‘I love you’ for the first time. The fight with Echo is the toughest of Rose’s career, but with helpful guidance from Simon, Rose wins the title.

    Rose wears her champion belt as she fights in one final fight, against THE VIPRESS. Echo watches from the crowd, furious. Rose emerges victorious and throws a rose directly at Echo. She can tell from Echo’s face that she’s dying for a rematch, but for now, Rose remains the best. Her Mexican fans cheer for her and Rose has never been prouder of her heritage, or her life.

    About The Author

    This is Jesse Morano's first book, and the first of a five-part series.