Blood of the Pharaohs

Pierce Roberts

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    Blood of the Pharaohs is the continuing story of the refugees of Atlantis that settle on the Nile delta post apocalypse and became the ancestors of the great dynasties of Eygpt. Advanced in medicine and science they hold the secret to manmade disease. Modern researchers discover this secret and use it to help stop China’s evil plans against the West.

    Target Audiences

    Age: 18-34

    Target Gender: Universal


    Egypt, Paris, China, Fort Peck Indian Reservation

    Based on a True Story


    Publishing Details

    Status: Yes: self-published

    Year Published: 2024

    Starting Description

    Atlantean survivors escape to Egypt,create a great precursor society to future great dynasties, authors of a secret buried for millennia under an ancient pyramid base that can save humankind from bioweapon destruction. The Chinese create a plan to destroy the West, can they be stopped?

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    The author has not yet written this

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    Plot - Other Elements

    Twist, Meaningful Message

    Plot - Premise

    Overcoming Monster/Villain

    Main Character Details

    Name: Joseph Blackfeather

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Adventurous, Decisive, Extraordinary Powers and Abilities, Faithful, Honorable, Leader, Masculine, Patriotic, Perseverance, Selfless, Strong Moral Code, Visionary

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Dr. Jules Clerc

    Age: 60

    Gender: 60

    Role: Skeptic

    Key Traits: Educated, Empathetic, Funny, Faithful, Honorable, Masculine, Patriotic, Selfless, Strong Moral Code

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Dr. Fred Garrett

    Age: 55

    Gender: Male

    Role: Logical

    Key Traits: Educated, Decisive, Faithful, Honorable, Leader, Modest, Patriotic, Religious, Strong Moral Code, Unapologetic

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Dr Brad Upton

    Age: 50

    Gender: Male

    Role: Sidekick

    Key Traits: Educated, Empathetic, Funny, Faithful, Honorable, Masculine, Patriotic, Selfless, Strong Moral Code




    Protagonist, who lives a busy life with his young family, is being roped into another plot to save the world. His ancient Atlantean bloodline makes him the recipient of visions and prophecies to help save the world. When two US and Chinese pharma companies get together to create a bioweapon and sell the antiviral cure, the Protagonist is called in alongside a team of amazing scientists to save the world.

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    Narrative Elements

    Authors Writing Style: FAIR

    Characterization: FAIR

    Commerciality: GOOD

    Franchise Potential: FAIR

    Pace: GOOD

    Premise: FAIR

    Structure: FAIR

    Theme: GOOD

    Accuracy of Book Profile

    The books meets every major plot point and ties off the story with a happy ending, but it is not succinct. A host of main and side characters are introduced and serve as pawns for the story, but are not fleshed out more than necessary for their function in the story. We know why they are there, but often find it hard to empathize, hate or generally feel for their circumstances because they act as a moving chess piece, rather than a fully developed human. If we had fewer characters, more time could be spent between plot beats to develop them into relatable characters for audience retention.

    Draw of Story

    The story has a wild introduction with the author’s interpretation of Atlantean society that immediately intrigued this reader.

    Possible Drawbacks

    There are many chapters of the book where the tension is building up for the protagonists and then we jump to a scene of the antagonists that leaves the reader not simply yearning to find out what happens to our good guys, but frustrated that now there are several chapters of corporate espionage and evil doing before we get any resolution on the protagonist conflict. Perhaps reorganize some of the chapters in part 1 so that the reader feels like the protagonists are making several consecutive chapters of progress before moving to the antagonist plotlines.

    Use of Special Effects


    Primary Hook of Story

    Descendant of an ancient Atlantean civilization is tasked with saving the world.

    Fanbase Potential

    The likely fanbase for this work are demographics interested in historical fiction, thrillers, and fantasy. Seeing as this is a growing percentage of many age groups, it has wide appeal outside of the infant/young child demographic.

    Awards Potential

    This is a feel good thriller, great for summer audiences and action enthusiasts and less suited for awards that prefer dramatic acting and moody locales.

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    What’s New About the Story

    This story works at the continued mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis myth which has always intrigued general audiences. It’s low point are the motivations of some of its villains. It feels to this reader that, despite being told how strong and capable the villains are, that they will inevitably and obviously fail, which lowers the stakes a bit. Perhaps more loss or sacrifice can be made on the part of the protagonists to show the scale of the threat the antagonists cause and suggest that not every good guy will get away Scott free.

    Lead Characters

    The protagonist is a native American family man with a strong capable wife and two young children, who also happens to be the descendent of Atlanteans. His fellow protagonists are capable scientists and biochemists who have a flare for the adventurous.

    Uniqueness of Story

    This is a capable set of bones for a summer family thriller. It needs a narrower cast of more deeply written characters and some more meaningful threats the protagonists to really give it the teeth it deserves.

    Possible Formats

    Film: Indie, Streaming TV Series: Network, Cable, Limited Run / Mini-Series

    Analyst Recommendation



    The protagonists still read as two dimensional pawns who are destined to succeed. The antagonists are said to be fearsome, but we have so few interactions between the two that we never learn to fear them as the audience, so we don’t feel worry or anticipation for our protagonists’ success.

    Tips for Improvement

    More backstory on the protagonists and essential antagonists so we care about their wellbeing or downfall. More interactions between protagonists and antagonists in first and second acts.


    Young and ambitious Joseph Blackfeather is the descendent of ancient Atlantean elites who sought to improve the world and create a brighter future for its people. When their lineage was almost entirely taken out by natural disasters, the Atlanteans did what they could to protect their technology to save future generations. Joseph has taken out some of humanity’s greatest threats, the Destroyers, but his quest remains incomplete. Receiving a vision from his ancestors of a bioterror attack that must be stopped, he teams up with capable scientists to create a cure using found Atlantean technology and stop the newest Destroyer.

    What We Liked

    This story is a feel-good thriller with a loveable cast of capable protagonists who work tirelessly to save the world from evil. There is a strong mix of history, science fiction, modern events, and near future threats that gives this story a hook for almost any reader. Spanning across genres, there is enough science, technology and magical realism to engage a general audience and have wide appeal.

    Film: For film, this story can comfortably fit into the 2 hour plus time frame that average audiences expect today. The book has four parts, but they can be smoothed into a straightforward three act structure. The opener builds up the power of the Atlanteans, whose technology is used throughout the story by the protagonists. These scenes can serve as a great hook to get the viewers engaged in a flashy opener and warm up their palette for a strong saga to follow

    TV: As a TV adaptation this story has a natural episodic format that swaps well between the protagonists and the two antagonist forces. There is decent pacing to introduce the protagonist group a bit at a time so as not to overwhelm the audience, and the thriller nature of the work can be played up well for TV as there are several natural cliffhangers between the four parts of the book.

    Key points:
    Diverse cast of characters
    Empathetic protagonists
    Combining modern events with historical fiction
    Captivating suspense and a global terrorist threat
    Appeals to history buffs, sci fi enthusiasts and thriller fans


    Part 1 – Sons of Atlantis – 10,000 BC - The island nation of Atlantis is about to be obliterated by a volcanic eruption in seven days. Supreme leader Rotar and his chief scientist Hunis successfully execute one third of Atlantis’ brightest minds and make plans to send them across the globe to spread their culture and continue the Atlantean line. Hunis takes ships to the Mediterranean and establishes a colony known as New Primus. Thirty years later and New Primus is thriving. The Atlanteans have intermingled their culture with the local people, and their leaders, Mensa and Hunis, dream of a perfect colony for their people they call Mother Egypt. Decades of growth and expansion across the Mediterranean and into Egypt are dashed as another volcanic eruption destroys New Primus—only the royal family survives.

    Present Day – Joseph Blackfeather, a Lakota Sioux father of two who has a history of chasing down prophesied Destroyers, is building a summer camp on a homestead that happens to be the gravesite of his ancient relative Rotar. He is in possession of Rotar’s ring. The ring, along with his great-grandfather’s visions that come to him, have helped him track down threats to the world, known as Destroyers. Linwood Pharmaceuticals has launched a new product, the Combine, to try and save the business from a rough period of losses, but it isn’t enough. CEO Carly Linwood is working on a secret project to save the company called Methuselah. If successful, it could be a daily antiviral vaccine that saves millions from viral outbreaks. To protect the company’s interest, Carly sends her corporate spies Deidra Hamilton and Greg Keck to scout out the competition from Le Institut Pasteur in Paris. Meanwhile, she tries to dissuade the board from dissolving the corporation entirely until her plan can come to fruition. Deidra infiltrate Linwood’s competitor, Le Institut Pasteur, who has ties to Joseph when the collaborated on decoding ancient stone tablets Joseph had recovered during his previous escapades hunting down Destroyers. The Pasteur higher ups are focused on two entities known as the Apium and Tree of Life acorns mentioned in the tablets. They are headed to a remote location in Egypt where the New Primus colony used to exist to learn more about them. Meanwhile Carly is creating inroads with the thought to be defunct Chinese vaccine company Jei Ping International to further the chance of Methuselah’s success.

    The Pasteur group discovers the New Primus site and has to fight off local pirates who wanted to ransom and then sell them into slavery. Carly eeks out a majority share of Linwood and shows the other board members the Methuselah project. At New Primus, the Pasteur group loses contact with their exfiltration helicopter and has to call in a favor from another unit as a sandstorm rages toward them. Greg Keck learns about Pasteur’s competing Atlantean-based antiviral research and is given clearance to stop them by any means necessary. Joseph meets a man in the new exfiltration team, Salizar, who also bears a glowing Atlantean ring. In Shanghai, Mr. Wang of Jei Ping International recounts diary entries of the days when they developed a chemical agent that turned out to be a murderous bioweapon, NuPox, that was released, killing 30 million people.

    Joseph, Salazar and the Pasteur team have to ride out the storm and protect the New Primus site before being able to fly home from Egypt. Back in Montana, Joseph gets another message from his great grandfather, A Destroyer is set to unleash another plague upon the world, and the Tree of Life on their Montana property is dying. In Shanghai, General Wang is unveiled as the next Destroyer that Joseph was foretold by his great grandfather. Wang has developed another bioweapon to infect drinking water and kill millions. Jules LeClerc from the Pasteur team recommends that Joseph drive to Wisconsin to find Fred Garrett who may be able to save the tree from dying. After looking at some pictures and running some tests, Garrett believes the tree was attacked with a chemical agent by someone hoping to kill the tree and shut down Pasteur’s use of the acorns and Apium for their antiviral research. Linwood is ready to bring it’s antiviral ImmunoTabs to market, while corporate spy Keck is headed to cut down the Tree of Life with a chainsaw to set Pasteur’s research back immeasurably. Joseph tosses and turns sensing some disturbance as the fog rolls in over their Montana property. His great grandfather gives his another message that the tree will be attacked, and he grabs his gun to fend off Keck and some hired cronies who were trying to cut the tree down. Carly Linwood brokers a deal with Lei Ping to release its bioweapon on major US cities to get her Linwood ImmunoTabs provisionally released by the US government to treat the resulting plague.

    Part 2 – The Scrolls of New Primus – The Pasteur team secures some blood samples stored in the ruins of New Primus and takes them to Paris to be tested—it turns out to be Atlantean royal blood from Joseph’s ancestors. The group hopes further research on the blood can be used to create an antiviral cure to stop the Destroyer attack.

    Part 3 – Genocide 101 – Lei Ping and Linwood have coordinated a bioweapon attack to launch in Portland, Oregon. The US government scrambles to come up with a response as the
    release of the bioweapon takes its first victims.

    Part 4 – Return of the Native – Joseph and the Pasteur team return to Montana to find Garrett has nurtured the tree to good
    health, and its acorns + sap will provide enough anti-viral resin for millions of doses. Mr. Wang has come under threat from a
    group, led by a man named Fang, claiming to need all of Linwood’s antivirals to run its own experiments in Shanghai and develop a Chinese competitor to the drug. Wang calls Carly and demands her to send tens of thousands of the newly developed drug. Fang infects Wang with a deadly virus, feeds him the antiviral, and he survives. Meanwhile the government is battling to slow the death toll as it grows past 100,000. The Pasteur group meets with the US government at the same time Linwood is given emergency clearance to sell its ImmunoTabs to the CDC; but when they go to retrieve the antivirals, Linwood employees find that they are almost all gone (as Carly sent them to Wang). When she tries to get more money from the bank to increase production, she is told the accounts are all closed. Suspecting her investor and board rival Houston is involved, she drives to his condo and finds him murdered; she suspects Wang did it. Corporate spy Deidra tries to abscond with millions of Pasteur money, but is caught and has her bank accounts drained. The Pasteur crew makes its way to Jei Ping headquarters in Shanghai to stop the launch of further bioweapon attacks just before Christmas. They narrowly avoid a massive explosion, and with the power of the Ancestors in their rings, take out Wang and the Destroyers’ plot.

    Epilogue: Joseph finally gets to launch his summer camp to bring native tribes and their kids together

    About The Author

    Author of four other thrillers, Pierce Roberts is a practicing companion animal veteran who enjoys family time, fishing and the outdoors.