Three Insect Ninjas

Vilaykhong Chanthalangsy

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    Has all the excitement one can expect from an action-packed story with some lighthearted humor. The Three Insect Ninjas will give the audience one of the most unique stories about how insects can become as intimidating as humans can when they are granted super powers.

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    Age: 6 and under,7-12,13-17,18-34,35-54,55+

    Target Gender: Universal,Female Leaning,Male Leaning,LGBT Leaning,Other



    Based on a True Story


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    Status: Yes: with a Publisher

    Publisher: Brilliant Ghostwriters

    Year Published: Not yet

    Starting Description

    Insects turn into mutants. They learned how to talk and fight like ninjas. Classmates that brought their own insects turn into mutants also. They learned to talk and fight with special powers but they became villains. The ones became villains tried killing people and destroying the community

    Ending Description

    The Three Insect Ninjas, Kal, Lola and Henry became victorious over the villains, took back the community and became heroes.

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    Mature Audience Themes

    Extreme Violence, Language/Profanity

    Plot - Other Elements

    Coming of Age

    Plot - Premise

    Overcoming Monster/Villain

    Main Character Details

    Name: Vilaykhong

    Age: 12

    Gender: Male

    Role: Mentor

    Key Traits: Obedient,Educated,Engaging,Adventurous

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Jack (The Cockroach)

    Age: 1

    Gender: Male

    Role: Antagonist

    Key Traits: Villainous,Aggressive,Badass,Criminal,Decisive,Leader

    Additional Character Details

    The author has not yet written this

    Additional Character Details

    The author has not yet written this




    After an accident in class that yields many insects mixing into spilt chemicals, young Vilaykhong discovers that the insects have mutated into large, intelligent, humanoid creatures. When a crew of spiteful mutant insects make plans to seek revenge on humankind, Vilaykhong must partner with three benevolent insects, helping train them in combat, in order to overcome the evil insects. This leads them on an eventful, action-packed collision course where they defeat the evil insects and become watchful heroes.

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    Narrative Elements

    Authors Writing Style: GOOD

    Characterization: GOOD

    Commerciality: EXCELLENT

    Franchise Potential: EXCELLENT


    Premise: EXECELLENT

    Structure: GOOD

    Theme: GOOD

    Accuracy of Book Profile

    Yes, the profile is an accurate reflection. It seems to capture the action, stakes, and excitement in the text. However, it would benefit from expanded character introductions, and the syntax of the short summary could be more dynamic.

    Draw of Story

    What drew me into the story immediately was its fast pace. The author wastes little time before the inciting incident hits, and he makes the smart decision to allow his audience to get to know the characters as the story progresses as opposed to taking an inordinate amount of time to make the introductions and then get into the story. This preserves the fast pace, and it segways well right into this work's strengths-- The rising action and excitement when the insects must battle against the evil legion of insects.

    Possible Drawbacks

    No, nothing made me want to put the book down as it was efficient, eventful, and engaging. However, one can't help but to notice how much this work seems to borrow from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In fact, the heroes in the text have a steadfast leader, a brains of the group, and also a more impulsive, immature figure as well. These archetypes can be traced directly to certain Ninja Turtle characters. And this is not even to consider the parallel origins of each group. Although it works here, it does beg the question of whether more can be done to differentiate this work and to go beyond the precedent that has already been established. It was not helpful that the author seems to directly reference the IP in passing, either.

    Use of Special Effects


    Primary Hook of Story

    The hook is that this work exudes action and coolness. It fulfills the promise of its inviting concept in that it is full of action, excitement, and, candidly, badassery. It felt like a blast of nostalgia to my childhood, and it gave me the same exhilaration as a TMNT or Power Rangers story. All in all, the author presents an ideal framework for a film adaptation with a story that is as measured and efficient as it is crazy and action-packed.

    Fanbase Potential

    Yes, this could perhaps have a large, dedicated fanbase. It seem to be checking a lot of boxes, and it follows in the footsteps of established, widely beloved properties. The author also nails the bread and butter with his relatable, likable characters, his pernicious, well-motivated villains, and the subtextual mortality tale themes at play. This bodes well for an enthusiastic fanbase.

    Awards Potential

    No, this is far from an awards contender for the simple facts that it is geared toward children, leans into sci-fi territory, and is much more entertainment-focused, as opposed to the usual awards season fare.

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    Similar Films/TV Series


    What’s New About the Story

    It is not so much the concept that sets this work apart, but rather the author's steadfast commitment to the action, his sure-handed rendering of the heroes, and his well-motivated and intimidating villains. In essence, the concept seems quite familiar, borrowing much from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it is the deft execution that sets this work apart. The author would be wise, though, to ask himself what more can be done to differentiate this work from what has come before-- What risks can be taken? What can be done to evolve this work beyond precedent?

    Lead Characters

    Vilaykhong stands out for his sensitivity and humanity. He is relatable for his innocent crush on Cara and for his ordinary relationship with his mother. However, it is his empathy and conscientiousness that really earns audience investment and sympathy. How Vilaykhong teams up with and supports his insects is admirable and becoming and plays well into this work's themes.

    Uniqueness of Story

    This does seem like a rare gem. It follows in the tradition of some rather beloved works, and it impresses with its strong heroes and terrifying villains, its efficient and propulsive pace, and for its interesting and important themes. It's also particularly gritty and intense in its final act, which sets it apart. All in all, this work checks many of the boxes for adaptation to screen, boding well for enticing a passionate and hopefully expansive audience.

    Possible Formats

    Film: Studio, Streaming TV Series: Network, Cable, Limited Run / Mini-Series, Streaming

    Analyst Recommendation



    This is a sure recommend. Although its concept is not the most original, the execution here is nothing short of admirable. The author impresses with his quick pace and efficient storytelling. The heroes are admirable and cool, and the villains are understandable, well-motivated, yet still intimidating and terrifying. The action impresses also for its grit, leaning surprisingly far into its violence. All in all, this work simply checks too many boxes for anything less than a recommend.


    After an accident in the classroom causes dozens of insects to mutate into giant, humanoid forms, good-natured student Vilaykhong must partner with three friendly insects in order to defeat a horde of enemy bugs hellbent on enacting revenge against humankind.

    What We Liked

    This book stands out for a number of reasons. In essence, the author presents his audience with an uncommonly efficient, propulsive, and well grounded story. The heroes are admirable and likable, while the villains are vile and intimidating, while also having a grounded and understandable motivation. This constitutes an ideal foundation for the action, fighting, and creature thrills that follow, and it positions this work as a highly viable candidate for adaptation to screen.

    Film: This would undoubtedly make a viable film adaptation. For one thing, its concept has been proved in excess thanks to lasting and beloved works like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That aside, the author commits to his characters to great effect-- The heroes are highly sympathetic, while the villains are as malicious as can be, while still being relatable. The action and excitement that follows will sure to compel and enthrall the audience and demands to be iterated on the big screen.

    TV: This story would be an awesome candidate for adaptation into a TV series. As noted, it contains a highly viable foundation for its characters--both heroes and villains--not to mention its action and creature thrills. Surely this concept and these players present endless opportunities for expansion, and there is no doubt the amount of action and impact in this work will amply sustain a season of TV or more. The opportunities for new villains and sustained conflict are plentiful.

    Key points:
    1. The heroes-- Likable, noble, and sympathetic.
    2. The villains-- Vicious, intimidating, while still well-motivated.
    3. The themes-- Valuable lessons are contained in this work-- Deftly baked into it.
    4. The action-- Explosive, enthralling, and surprising.
    5. The design opportunities-- Endless creature thrills, costume allure, and set design opportunity.


    Vilaykhong is a well-meaning, mild-mannered kid in Minnesota. He heads to school with several insects in a jar, following through on a class assignment to capture and study several bugs. When the teacher steps out of the room, several kids rush to the back to look at the jars, but they end up breaking them. As a result the many insects intermix with liquid chemicals as they flow down the drain. When Vilaykhong wakes up the next morning, he finds three giant, humanoid, mutant insects in his room-- They are KAL, a steadfast dragonfly, LOLA, a red, intelligent fire ant, and HENRY, a less mature and more aggressive botfly. They are all thrown by the crazy scenario, and Vilaykhong helps hide them in his bedroom while he goes to school. Meanwhile, JACK the cockroach and RHINOCEROS the beetle hold court over dozens of other mutants in the sewer. There, they begin plans to take revenge on their former human captors.

    Vilaykhong feeds the friendly insects, and he gives them weapons for them to practice with. Soon, Henry leads the other two into the sewer, where Jack invites them to join their anti-human efforts. However, the three noble bugs decline and return to Vilaykhong's home. Meanwhile, Vilaykhong's close friend and crush, CARA, heads to the bookstore with her mom. However, she witnesses a strange figure set a car on fire. Lola, Kal, and Henry inform Vilaykhong about the evil bugs in the sewer, and the four make a plan to intervene. Vilaykhong gets to work making superhero outfits for them. He soon hears Cara's story, and he loops her into his efforts to make suits for the hero bugs. As Jack and Rhinoceros attempt to disable the town power grid, the three hero bugs swoop in and engage them in battle. Rhinoceros is quickly defeated, despite his size, as are a number of other bugs. Jack is enraged when he is wounded and carried away by his troops. Cara invites Vilaykhong to a party with her, as she is afraid to go alone. However, it ends up being a ploy by the evil insects, and Vilaykhong is taken prisoner by the vengeful Jack.

    Cara flees and returns to Kal, Henry, and Lola. They scramble to come up with a plan to rescue Vilaykhong. Alone with Vilaykhong, Jack threatens the poor boy with grisly violence, like taking his eyes out. However, Lola swoops in and frees Vilaykhong. He runs away with Cara, hand in hand, while Lola is chased by a horde of malicious bugs. She leads them to a junkyard, where Kal and Henry go on the attack. A huge, climactic battle ensues. Henry is injured in the combat, but the heroes are ultimately successful in defeating the enemies. Soon, it is just Jack left, and the trio overpowers him. They leave Jack there on the brink of death as they head to celebrate with Cara and Vilaykhong. However, the author augurs more conflict to come...

    About The Author

    When Vilaykhong's teacher asked her students to catch some insects for their new science project, they were all delighted, and Vilaykhong had caught some especially fierce-looking insects from their local garden. Everyone was thrilled... Until there was a chemical mishap at their school laboratory. What happens when other people start discovering the secrets that Vilaykhong hides? And what will he do when he's met with unexpected enemies with powers far beyond his own? Follow him through his adventurous journey, as Vilaykhong's mundane life starts to fill with excitement and thrill.