Road to Development, Second Cycle: Quarterfinalists


Here are the quarterfinalists of the second cycle of “Road to Development” (25 per subscription plan).



The Illegal and the Refugee: An American Love Story - Ian Tremblay

The Catacomb’s Curse - A. K. Patch

Dark Passenger - Donald Allen Kirch

Bagels & Salsa - Lara Reznik

Magical Intelligence - M. K. Wiseman

When America Fell Silent - Freddy Cruz

On-the-Roof Gang: War in the Pacific - Matt Zulo

Dragonfly Wishes - Penny Harmon

The Path to the Sea - Liz Fenwick

The Therapeutic Zoo - William Munns

Porno Valley - Philip Elliott

Cibolero - Kermit Lopez

Love's Not Over 'Til It's Over - Edward T. Byrne

There Once Was A Boy - Dee Remy

Sing Us A Song Ma, Before We Say Goodbye - Carol Wainwright

The Legend of the Amber Stone: A Persian Faery Tale - Jonathan Butcher & Leila Heidari

It Started on a Garden Tour - Georgia Brock

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt - James Ross

Unzipped: Chronicles of a Fashion Fit Model - Darlene Parris Young

Twilight Cruise - Ian Wilson

In the Black - Andrew Ceroni

When Stars Collide - Sara Furlong Burr

New Life Incognita - Gracie C. McKeever

Brownsville Texas Incident of 1906 - William Baker

Ravaged Moon - Brooklynn Rivers



Magnolia Tree, The Crossing Trilogy, Book 1 - June V. Bourgo

Daughter of Destiny - Nicole Evelina

Phaedra Cooper and the Half Boy - Paul Drisgula

Snarl - Mark C. Spera

The Pilbara Killings - Andrew Zbar

Fouled - Fish Phillips

The Hollow Soul - Marilyn Wright Dayton

The Fly Guy - Colum Sanson Regan

The Preserve: A Novel - Steve Anderson

Strangely, Incredibly Good - Heather Grace Stewart

Die Trying - Lynn Emery

Reboot - Ruth Kald

The Shadows of a Man - James M. Sellers

Chameleon Games, The Crossing Trilogy, Book 2 - June V. Bourgo

The Nine - C. G. Harris

Seaspan - Sharon Powers

Angels of Helbrook - Michael Strickland

Fragile Chaos - Amber R. Duell

The Crossingway - Lynn H. Elliott

Bury My Heart - Robert Plotkin

Family Honor (A Saga) - Frank Racco

Screamcatcher: Web World - Christy J. Breedlove

The Bullet - Gary Matheny

eDream - James Duffy

Maggie’s Dream - Leslie Tall Manning



The House by the Ocean - Desziree Richardson

Bad Blood - Robert Joseph

Outside In - Nanisi Barrett D'Arnuk

V is for Virgin - Kelly Oram

27 Ways to Find a Boyfriend - Shari Tapscott

Three Things - Sheri Taylor-Emery

Don't Go Stealing My Heart - Kelly Siskind

Talented - Sophie Davis

Fix You - Carrie Elks

The Silent Waters - Brittainy Cherry

The Avery Shaw Experiment - Kelly Oram

Collecting the American West: The Rise and Fall of William Blackmore - Anthony Hamber

A Goddess Among Men - Daniel Davidsohn

The Handstand Heard 'Round the World - Leland Thomas Faegre

Bully - P. W. G.

Treed - Virginia Arthur

End of Tour - Pete Thron

Big Heart - Michael R. Slaughter

Inside Out - Jack Kearney

The Black Sea Of Roses - Vanessa M. Chattman

The Day Trip - Stephen W. Cheshire

Ella - Samantha Evans

Fatal Shadows - Josh Lanyon

A Winter's Tale - Carrie Elks

Helmut Wolf: The Good Engineer - Jenean McBrearty


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  • July 15th, 2021: 3 Finalists (each category)
  • August 19th, 2021: Announcement of Winners

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