Story discovery platform TaleFlick to expand internationally

Source: Screen Daily

TaleFlick, the story discovery platform launched by White Noise producer Uri Singer and former Netflix executive George Berry, is expanding into the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea.

The service enables authors of the written word to shop their work for film, TV, and digital media companies.

TaleFlick will accept submissions in an expanded list of languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, and South Korean.

“We’ve always believed in the universal appeal of good stories,” said Singer, the owner and CEO of Los Angeles-based Passage Pictures. “In these challenging times, bridging the gap between global content creators and the film and TV industry is crucial.

“Our expansion is a testament to our commitment to discovering and amplifying voices from diverse cultural backgrounds.”

The strategic move will also see TaleFlick partner with local producers and studios in the regions to ensure authentic representation and localization of film and television.

“This is just the beginning,” added Singer from the Venice Film Festival, where he is taking meetings. “The world is brimming with tales waiting to be told, and we’re here to ensure they get the platform they deserve. We know that curating quality content takes time: we are expanding now, so when the strike is over, we will have a larger and more diverse library for people to draw on.”