Discovery Winners

Congratulations to all our TaleFlick Discovery Winners!

TaleFlick Discovery is watched closely by producers, studios, agents, authors, and fans. For three days, forty great stories are equally displayed for all to see, and we're incredibly proud of that. These were the most voted each week.

Week 13: It's Not PMS, It's You, by Rich Amooi

After the worst day ever, corporate ballbuster Ruth “Ruthless” Harper decides she doesn’t want to die alone. She concocts a business plan to find the perfect man, diving head first into the murky online dating pool. If only it were that easy.

Week 12: The Revelations of August Barton, by Jennifer LeBlanc

August Barton thought his tribulations were over, but some truths are hard to swallow. He’s been with Rose Varley for over a year, and has his heart set on taking the next step: a marriage proposal. He’s not prepared, however, for the obstacles that soon find their way into his life.

Week 11: Pestilence, by Laura Thalassa

When one of the four horseman of the apocalypse comes to spread the plague, a young woman risks her life to save her town from him, only to fall in love with him.

Week 10: What Will I Wear To Your Funeral?, by Kellie Curtain

When Pamela Curtain is diagnosed with cancer, her family plead with her to try everything that might give them all more time. She reluctantly agrees, but on one condition. Life goes on because it has to, and so does the weekly family dinner with wine and loud sibling banter.

Week 9: The Drive to Kill, by Joseph Bianco

Horror story. The ride-share industry has destroyed his life and caused him to lose everything he holds dear. Now, a man plans and carries out his murderous revenge against the culprits, one ride request at a time.

Week 8: Say You'll Stay, by Corinne Michaels

He swore he'd love her forever. She swore she'd never return to that small town after he broke her heart. Fate had other plans when they get a second chance for new promises.

Week 7: Double Identity, by Jaye C. Blakemore

A passionate star-crossed romance between charismatic French vintner Cecile Cardin and elusive billionaire art collector Paul Allenwerth leads to the birth of beautiful twins Gillian and Julianne, who are separated at the age of three during a mysterious divorce, and raised in completely different environments: Julianne absorbs the artsy bohemian life of a small French winery, and Gillian lives in lonely luxury in New York City.

Week 6: The Story of Us: Carnage Book One, by Lesley Jones

The book follows the band Carnage rise to fame and the impact this has on the relationship between the lead singer and the sister of the band's founder. Starting in the 80’s, and moving right through to the present day, the story will make you need to buckle up tight, and enjoy this gritty, emotional, sometimes hilarious ride.

Week 5: Confessions of An Accidental Zoo Curator, by Annette Libeskind Berkovits

From cougars, orangutans, supersize snakes, fugitive pigs, and a shocked New York City cabbie, "Confessions" is fascinating, and often hilarious. From a remote village in Kyrgyzstan to the Bronx Zoo; from a childhood devoid of real animal connections to being one of the world's foremost leaders in conservation education, Berkovits tells her remarkable story.

Week 4: Final Winter, by Iain Rob Wright

On the night of an apocalyptic snowstorm, a man with a tragic past finds himself holed up with an unlikely group in an English pub trying to keep warm - and he must face a sinister presence in the snow to save humankind.

Week 3: Debase, by Rachel Van Dyken

The Russian and Italian mobs have allied, and only one thing stands in their way: the existence of De Lange family members. Andrei, a mob boss who owns a sex slavery club, falls for one of his newest members, who happens to be a De Lange. Andrei attempts to save her in the hopes that she can help save his soul.

Week 2: Rolaboi, Renegade Skater, by Jayson Sutcliffe

After finding a pair of rusty roller skates in his grandmother’s garage, Jayson Sutcliffe went on to become Australia’s first and only male world champion in the sport. Optioned by Fortune Films.

Week 1: Nobody Move, by Philip Elliott

After a botched debt collection turns into a double murder, low-level criminal Eddie Vegas finds himself wanted dead by his boss, Saul--known as the God of LA. Eddie meets a beautiful Native American girl searching for her missing friend as the pair is tracked down by Saul as well as a vengeful hitman from Texas. Meanwhile, a young homicide detective starts to see a pattern in unsolved murder cases, and closes in on the pair as well.