TaleFlick supports early literacy and believes that every child should be able to access books.

Not only is much education learned through books, but the stories and the format promotes expression and builds imagination.


TaleFlick’s “1 Million Books for 1 Million Children” is a global campaign giving 1 million books to 1 million children all over the world. Working with various publishers in each country, books will be provided to local organizations, charities, and schools that service children in underprivileged house-holds and natural disaster areas.

Example target organizations & activities:

  • TaleFlick team to personally deliver to schools, youth centers, libraries, and homes struck by natural disaster or in underprivileged areas.
  • Help organize book reads and book drives for the children and families in the local neighborhoods


TaleFlick‘s CEO Uri Singer lives near the areas affected by the California wildfires. A fan of Toms’ One for One achievements, Uri wanted to do something meaningful with TaleFlick’s core product, books. Books may not be an immediate thought when in devastating situations, but they can be an amazing gift in those times. Through stories, a child can find relief in a distant world filled with imagination, while experiencing the possibility of more positive and encouraging future. Reading promotes development and also expression.


Our journey has just begun, starting with our first donation of almost 500 books to U.K. based non-profit organization GIVE A BOOK in January 2019.

GIVE A BOOK’s supports early literacy through projects whose main beneficiaries are schools with high levels of deprivation, prisons and community organizations.

With our HQ now set to be in Los Angeles, TaleFlick is working to continue the 1 Million Books 1 Million Children effort in the U.S and other countries.

We would love for you to join us in providing more stories to more children and in supporting early literacy.

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How to Participate:

  • Help us spread the word!
  • #1MBooks1MChildren


  • Are you a Publisher and interested in joining our cause by providing books?
  • Are you a Non-profit organization that would like to receive books?
  • Press?

Contact Partnership Manager Wendy Shi: wendy@taleflick.com