Message to Authors

from Uri Singer, CEO of TaleFlick

Have you ever wondered how many great stories are out there, yet to be discovered? I often think about this when I go to the movies, as so many are adapted from books, whether it be fiction, biographies, and even comics.  I wonder about the journey that story took, from the writer penning it, to someone reading it, to it gathering a following, to being optioned, funded and produced.  There are so many steps that a story must go through before it hits the screen, and the vast majority fall down along the way, or never even get started.  Therefore this must mean for every wonderful story that is told on screen, there must be even more that have never made it.  How do those authors get discovered?  How do those stories get found? These are the challenges that TalkeFlick is solving. 

Eighteen months ago we launched a TaleFlick,  a platform that helps authors around the world give their stories exposure, to producers and studios in the industry.  Using an experienced curation team, we review all submissions, evaluate them for their adaptation potential, and make this library available online, worldwide.  

This has proved to be a successful concept, attracting thousands of authors, both published and unpublished, who have submitted their books.  We also partnered with a major publishing house and some great books have been optioned by producers. 

Earlier this year, we launched TaleFlick Discovery, whereby a selection of nominated books is voted on by the public for best adaptation potential.   This has driven our usage of the site enormously - one of the winners of that contest, "Rolaboi" by Jason Sutcliffe, was optioned within just a few days.

To find our more about how TaleFlick is able to help authors, watch the short video below.