Learn about why we created TaleFlick and what goes on behind the scenes

The Need for Original Content

Uri Singer, CEO of TaleFlick, talks about why the need for original content, and the services of TaleFlick, is great than ever.

Announcing the TaleFlick Marketplace!

TaleFlick is proud to announce the launch of its Marketplace, where Author, Scriptwriters and Producers can come together to source original content for Film & TV adaptation

Turn Your Story Into a Movie!

See how TaleFlick can help get your story adapted into a movie or tv show.

Welcome to TaleFlick

Learn a little about TaleFlick and what goes on behind the scenes.

What is the Right of First Refusal?

When you upload your book to TaleFlick, you agree to give us the Right of First Refusal. We've created this video to give you more information.