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Retired Marine Special Operator Marcus ‘Mojo’ Johnson has returned to his family homestead in Alaska, with hopes of rekindling a relationship with his ex-fiancée, an Alaska State Trooper, but the gods of war are not yet done with Marcus and he finds himself in a deadly race against enemies trying to unleash a devastating bio-weapon on the world.


Crime, Drama, Suspense / Thriller, War, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action

Short Summary

The Alaska power grid has been knocked offline and the source seems to be a power substation near Mojo Johnson’s cabin forty miles east of the city of Fairbanks. Meanwhile, North Korean agents are stealing a bio-weapon from a long forgotten remote bunker.

A high-speed snowmachine chase in -65 F temperatures turns for the worst when the antagonist escapes and car jacks a trooper cruiser with Mojo's ex-fiancee in it. He crashes the car, and during a stand-off with Mojo smashes a vial of the bio-weapon on his forehead, rapidly dissolving his own flesh.


Interior Alaska, Plymouth England, Sierra Leone Africa

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise

Overcoming Monster/Villain

Plot - Other Elements

Happy Ending, Meaningful Message

Mature Audience Themes

Extreme Violence, Language/Profanity

Main Character Details

Name: Marcus Orlando Johnson, aka 'Mojo'

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Romantic, Strong Moral Code, Badass, Confident, Decisive, Faithful, Religious, Perseverance, Aggressive, Complex, Empathetic, Leader, Modest, Honorable, Masculine, Secretive, Unapologetic, Skillful, Adventurous, Educated, Gracious, Heroic, Selfless

Additional Character Details

Name: Lonnie Wyatt, Alaska State Trooper

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Heroic, Secretive, Confident, Skillful, Leader, Romantic, Aggressive, Complex, Engaging, Honorable, Adventurous, Decisive, Heartthrob, Unapologetic, Beautiful, Educated, Empathetic, Strong Moral Code, Aspiring, Badass, Sexy, Sophisticated, Insecure, Seductive, Selfless, Modest, Perseverance, Religious

Additional Character Details

Name: Harley Wasner, US Navy SEAL

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Role: Sidekick

Key Traits: Charming, Engaging, Heroic, Leader, Skillful, Aggressive, Crazy, Outspoken, Confident, Flexible, Honorable, Adventurous, Badass, Funny, Sarcastic, Unapologetic

Additional Character Details

The author has not yet written this

Development Pitch

About The Author

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34

Target Gender: Male leaning

Group Specific

Information not completed

Publishing Details

Status: Yes: with a Publisher

Publisher: Permuted Press

Year Published: 2009

Hard Copy Available



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