FITZGERALD HAL - Book 1 of Trilogy

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17th Century or Earlier

Josephine Montgomery

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Valeska, an Anglo Saxon teenager, is unable to join her ancestors in the next world and knows if the bones of the skeleton are removed by archeologists from the burial bed grave and taken to a laboratory for study she can never join her spirit family. It will take the co-operation of people in the 21st century and there isn’t much time.


Historical Fiction,

Short Summary

My historical fiction adventure charts a course from southern California to the magnificent Fitzgerald estate in southern England where archeologists discover 7th century bed burial grave in Fitzgerald Hall meadows. Valeska, an Anglo Saxon teenager, is unable to join her ancestors in the next world


America, 21st century England, and 7th century Anglo Saxon England

Based on a True Story


Plot - Premise


Plot - Other Elements

Happy Ending, Twist

Mature Audience Themes

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Main Character Details

Name: Valeska

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Role: Emotional

Key Traits: Beautiful, Complex, Power-hungry, Secretive, Outspoken, Unapologetic, Aggressive, Desperate, Extraordinary Powers and Abilities, Insecure, Manipulative

Additional Character Details

Name: Anna

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Role: Logical

Key Traits: Insecure, Decisive, Funny, Heroic, Sarcastic, Unapologetic, Adventurous, Complex, Confident, Blunt, Leader, Aggressive, Outspoken, Perseverance

Additional Character Details

Name: Lord Fitzgerald

Age: 70

Gender: Male

Role: Protagonist

Key Traits: Unapologetic, Confident, Desperate, Educated, Engaging, Funny, Masculine, Charming, Secretive, Clumsy, Honorable, Leader, Perseverance, Complex

Additional Character Details

Name: Lady Fitzgerald

Age: 69

Gender: Female

Role: Mentor

Key Traits: Beautiful, Charming, Funny, Gracious, Leader, Aspiring, Confident, Faithful, Outspoken, Aggressive, Blunt, Educated, Sarcastic, Decisive, Honorable, Selfless, Sophisticated

About The Author

Target Audiences

Age: 18-34

Target Gender: Universal

Group Specific

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Publishing Details

Status: Yes: with a Publisher

Publisher: Ecanus Publishing

Year Published: 2016

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