The Outlaw Sandra Love

Steve Peters

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    1980s & '90s






    • TONY. 0-13. SANDRA'S SON.



    To provide medical care for her seriously ill child, a former high price call girl for the Chicago Outfit works undercover for the FBI to break a syndicate of men trafficking underage women.


    Crime,Drama,Suspense/Thriller,Historical Fiction

    Target Audiences

    Age: 18-34,35-54,55+

    Target Gender: Universal,Female Leaning


    Two USA locations- big city north and small town south.

    Based on a True Story


    Starting Description

    The story opens with a bank robbery and shootout between the robbers and the police. Kat Baxter, a local reporter, learns of a relationship between one of the robbers and a mysterious woman who lives on the edge of the forest and is considered dangerous. Kat seeks her out and learns her backstory.

    Ending Description

    While working undercover for the FBI Sandra is shot, falls in love, kills three men, and breaks the syndicate. The final scene returns to Sandra in the forest as she clicks off the tape recorder that Kat Baxter gave her, finishing her backstory.

    Pitch Adaptation

    What makes a good script? Here is how I see it. You have to start with a great story. Then you add characters that your audience will care about, crisp dialogue, driving motivation, suspense, some non gratuitous sex and a fast, fast pace, while avoiding forced conflict. So, how do you do all that with a crime thriller? I chose the hottest way in Hollywood- a strong female lead. Sandra Love is a smart, beautiful, seductive, strong willed woman trained in martial arts, but she's also bull headed and she's an alcoholic. Interested? How about this, it's a true story. Listen, this character is loved by everyone of the over 3,000 people who have bought these books. It can be made in two locations without any CGI and as much sex and violence as the producer, director and actress want in the film. I'm not offering a script, I'm offering a female John Wick.

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    Mature Audience Themes


    Plot - Other Elements

    Meaningful Message

    Plot - Premise

    Overcoming Monster/Villain

    Main Character Details

    Name: Sandra Love

    Age: Mid twenties

    Gender: Female

    Role: Protagonist

    Key Traits: Charming,Confident,Decisive,Desperate,Empathetic,Engaging,Educated,Sexy

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Robert Allen

    Age: Early thirties

    Gender: Male

    Role: Mentor

    Key Traits: Adventurous,Badass,Aggressive,Charming,Criminal,Masculine,Romantic

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Billy Arrowood

    Age: Mid forties

    Gender: Male

    Role: mentor

    Key Traits: Adventurous,Faithful,Educated,Honorable,Lone Wolf,Skillful,Modest,Masculine

    Additional Character Details

    Name: Freddy

    Age: Mid thirties

    Gender: Lgbt


    Key Traits: Aspiring,Charming,Criminal

    Supplemental Materials

    Information not completed


    Feature Film Screenplay, based on true events. Unable to pay her son’s medical bills, a woman turns to sex work to provide for him. Now a high-end escort, she goes undercover for the FBI to infiltrate and bring down a sex trafficking ring.

    What We Liked

    - Strong female protagonist;
    - The true story of Sandra Love is compelling and innovative all at once;
    - This is a one-of-a-kind heroine who doesn't shy away from violence or harsh realities, yet she's still open to love and able to see the good in the world. Her journey isn't always easy, for her or the audience, but her triumph over evil is all the more appealing for that fact;
    - The bones of a great story (and even better characters) are all there, even when some structure is absent. Accelerating the pace, losing the frame story, and honing in on Sandra's time working for the FBI is an easy solution.


    Down on her luck and with a young son, TONY, to raise, SANDRA HORNE agrees to work as a high-end escort for the Chicago mafia. Eventually, two FBI agents, ERIC MARSH and JOSEPH HOLT, approach her, given her name by the lawyer. They want to use her to infiltrate a sex trafficking ring.

Sandra moves to Tennessee to work with NORMAN DIXON, a pimp at the motel the often underaged girls are working out of. As soon as she arrives, she meets JAKE, a cabbie with a kind heart who becomes one of her regulars. She meets her clients in the Coffee Shoppe at the motel before taking them to her room. She and Dixon get in a fight after her first week because she refuses to give him a cut. JAMES “CODLOCK” MARTIN intervenes. Codlock takes an instant liking to her. She meets ROBERT ALLEN, who’s also a criminal informant for the FBI. She quickly falls for Robert, and he for her. She also meets JERRY, a hitman who is close to Jake and Robert. Meanwhile, Sandra and Robert have been recording the young sex trafficking victims’ horrific stories for the FBI. Impressed by Sandra’s skills, Codlock invites her to help them with an expansion project. They’re working on opening a high-end hotel in Florida with call girls, and they need someone with Sandra’s expertise.

    Codlock introduces Sandra to JUDGE MCGRANAHAN, who is actually in charge of their whole organization. The FBI badly wants to bring the judge down. Thanks to Sandra and Robert’s help in getting evidence, the FBI raids the new hotel the night before the grand opening, catching the judge in the process. McGranahan realizes Sandra had something to do with this. Sandra has to fly home to Chicago for her stepfather’s funeral. Right afterward, she finds out that Robert’s been killed by one of McGranahan’s men thanks to his involvement with the FBI.

    Sandra drives all the way to Tennessee to confront the assassins, and she is about to shoot them when Dixon arrives. He’s furious that she’s spoiled this for all of them. Jerry, the hitman who is now loyal to her, arrives and kills Dixon. She takes back her gun and kills Robert’s assassins. Agents Marsh and Holt grudgingly agree their deal holds up, even though Sandra’s now a killer. They try to put her in a safe house before the trial, but instead she disappears for almost a year. Sandra testifies against McGranahan when the case goes to trial. He’s found guilty and is put away, and Sandra is finally allowed to return to her family in Chicago. Back in 1986, Sandra stops recording, pleased she’s told her story on her own terms.

    About The Author

    Steve Peters is an award winning novelist who lives on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. He is a graduate of Penn State University, and a Vietnam veteran. Steve writes fast paced crime novels featuring the Crystal Coast's most notorious woman, Sandra Love.